The Rise of .350 Legend: A Game-Changer for Straight Wall Cartridge States

The Rise of .350 Legend: A Game-Changer for Straight Wall Cartridge States

Posted by Caleb Barnett and Paul Mueller on 7th Jun 2023


The .350 Legend cartridge has gained significant popularity in recent years, particularly among hunters in states that have opened up deer to be hunted by straight wall cartridges. This blog post aims to explore the reasons behind the excitement surrounding this caliber and its impact on the hunting community. The .350 Legend offers superior ballistics compared to other similar straight wall cartridges on the market. Its versatility, reduced recoil, and suitability for various firearms could make it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned hunters this coming hunting season!

The Growth of Straight Wall Cartridge States:

In recent years, an increasing number of states have revised their regulations to allow the use of straight wall cartridges like the .350 Legend for deer hunting (Always ensure that you obey your state's rules and regulations). This change has opened up new opportunities for hunters, especially youth and women looking to engage in the sport. The .350 Legend's mild recoil makes it an attractive option for these groups as it won't be overwhelming as you hone your skills and enter the sport. Winchester recognized this opening in the market as the regulations in some states began to change and seized the opportunity to create a new cartridge that surpassed its counterparts in terms of ballistics.

Ballistics and Versatility:

The .350 Legend stands out among other straight wall cartridge options due to its impressive ballistics. Since its development, the .350 Legend has been the cream of the crop when it comes to ballistics categories. The high speeds allow this round to be used on deer and the low recoil that comes with this power allows for greater versatility than other straight walled cartridges on the market. This versatility is enhanced as hunters are able to choose their preferred firearm without compromising performance since this round can be fired out of a revolver or off of an Assault Rifle platform. This is possible due to the cartridge’s design being based on a 355 diameter bullet reminiscent of a 9mm.

Feedback from Hunters:

Hunters in straight wall cartridge states have eagerly embraced the .350 Legend. The cartridge's popularity is evident from the surge in sales and the enthusiasm shown by retailers and gun shops. In regions like rural Southern Illinois, where we are at Underwood, the demand for .350 Legend firearms has been extraordinary, with many shops finding guns being sold before they even reach the shelves. Hunters appreciate .350 Legend's ability to shoot farther distances, providing superior ballistics compared to traditional guns. Moreover, the affordability and availability of ammunition make it an attractive alternative to increasingly scarce and expensive deer ammunition.

Projectile Options and Recoil:

The .350 Legend offers a range of projectile options to suit different hunting preferences. Controlled Chaos, and TSX projectiles have gained popularity among deer hunters. Each projectile has its unique characteristics, for example the Hornady Interlock has better qualities in the expansion phase of the round firing. This provides a faster projectile as well as a more accurate one. The Controlled Chaos projectile is a hollow point, which means it will spread after impact. This particular projectile also has fragmenting properties. Some hunters find these preferential when it comes to deer hunting as they can expand in the vitals. Finally, the TSX projectiles also are hollow projectiles but this round expands to increase its diameter after impact, not to spread throughout the vitals. Additionally, when it comes to the cartridge's parent case, the .223, contributes to its minimal recoil.

The Future of Straight Wall Cartridges:

The growing popularity of the .350 Legend reflects a broader trend in the hunting community. Many states have shifted their regulations to accommodate straight wall cartridges, potentially indicating a decline in the prominence of deer slugs. The versatility, affordability, and performance of the .350 Legend make it a compelling option for hunters across the country. As the market continues to embrace straight wall cartridges, the .350 Legend is poised to remain a dominant force due to its exceptional attributes.


The rise of the .350 Legend cartridge has revolutionized hunting in straight wall cartridge states. Winchester's development of this caliber, driven by changing regulations and the need for superior ballistics, has captured the attention of hunters nationwide. The cartridge's versatility, reduced recoil, and affordability have made it a favorite among both experienced hunters and newcomers to the sport. With its exceptional performance and availability, the .350 Legend is set to shape the future of hunting and we at underwood would like to be a part of this revolution. We have big things to come in this caliber and we are excited to show it to you.