Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may shoot all of our Hard Cast ammunition in polygonal rifling thanks to their Brinell hardness of 21. Soft lead is not recommended for polygonal rifling, our hard casts are nearly 4 times the hardness of soft lead.

No, our 10mm loads are within pressure boundaries for SAAMI specs.

There is no inherent need to upgrade anything in your 10mm firearm to shoot our ammo. We only recommend swapping springs if there is a reason to, such as failures to feed or stovepipes due to recoil.

If you decide to install a heavier recoil spring, we recommend 20-22lb springs.

Our 10mm ammo is 100% compatible with all 10mm factory barrels on the market today, including the Colt Delta Elite.

Per caliber, the Xtreme Defender will not surpass 18“ of penetration and has the best volume of wound channel, making it the best choice for personal defense in all calibers. Per caliber, the Xtreme Penetrator will always surpass 18“ of penetration, making it a much more appropriate choice for woods use and penetrates the most for the Xtreme series. The Xtreme Hunter is a hybrid of the Defender and Penetrator, utilizing a Defenders nose geometry to provide excellent wounding and deep penetration at the same time.

We recommend consideration of the 140gr Xtreme Penetrator first, and the 200-220gr Hard Cast second.

The 68gr will do just about the same exact job through bare gel or 4 layers of denim as the 90gr, keeping a slightly larger wound channel and penetrating about an inch more than the 90gr.

It's only through thicker barriers like sheet metal, plywood, glass, etc. that we see a reduction in wounding effect and penetration with the 68gr. These heavier barriers affect the 90gr to some degree as well, but it is a little more pronounced with the lighter 68gr just because it's lacking the same momentum as a 90gr.

The 90gr Defender is a staple for performance in the caliber, the 68gr is sort of maximizing certain qualities of the 90gr - Less recoil, higher velocity, at the tradeoff of slightly reduced heavy barrier performance.

For emergency use, you may use any of our .44Spl offerings in a Charter Arms revolver in strict limited quantities. If you want to shoot a steady diet of our ammo, we recommend the 245gr FMJ, 200gr Bonded JHP, or 200gr Wadcutter loads.

You may use our +P .380s in a Ruger LCP in limited quantities with the installation of a 13lb recoil spring. We do not recommend +P use without the heavier recoil spring.

No, .40Super is a wildcat cartridge based on the .45 Winchester Magnum case, necked down to .40 caliber. .40Super conversions are only possible with certain .45ACP handguns.