Round Spotlight - 7.62x39

Round Spotlight - 7.62x39

4th Apr 2024

What makes the 7.62X39 Controlled Chaos an appealing round?

The Controlled Chaos is designed to work at speeds as low as 1500 fps. Assuming the standard for barrels is 16 inches or more, we tested with a standard barrel size and reached a speed of 2,450 fps.Our version of the round offers awesome performance, especially out of pistol and mini pistol style firearms, because most of the time, you will see speeds of at least 1500 fps and have the potential for more with a shorter barrel.

How does the Controlled Chaos mimic a hunting or self defense situation when it pierces a gel block?

The Controlled Chaos dumps a massive amount of energy once it hits the target. This leads to the bullet opening at the nose, which then peels out and separates and opens up many different wound channels in the target at once. The bullet then continues, offering deep penetration into the target.

Why should one choose this Round compared to others that are similar?

We know this round, typically in a steel case, is primarily used for target practice. However, our 7.62X39 is brass and is geared towards hunting and self-defense. Brass is normally a cleaner casing, meaning it will not leave as much residue in one’s firearm as steel. Brass also wears more easily on one’s firearm when it is used for longer durations.

What are the ballistic calculations with your ammunition and the coefficient?

Our Controlled Chaos is advertised at 2,450FPS with a muzzle energy of 1,640 and a coefficient of .290 at 123 grains. If you are interested in any more technical information, visit our website at or feel free to contact one of our technicians at