Benefits of Nickel-Plated Brass

Benefits of Nickel-Plated Brass

Posted by Frank Melloni on 14th Mar 2023

Written by guest contributor, Frank Melloni

If you’ve been surfing through the pages of this website, you’ve likely noticed the array of mirror-like cartridges that sit among the defensive, hunting, and target lines of ammunition. You aren’t looking at aluminum. what you’re seeing are high-quality nickel-plated brass cases that Underwood chooses for mission-critical ammunition. 

Nickel has a lower coefficient of friction than brass, which is just the scientific way of saying that it is slicker. For these reasons, it is going to chamber and eject more smoothly and, if you reload, flow through your dies with ease. If your life is on the line, it’s not a bad idea to spring for cartridges featuring this treatment, as it puts every advantage on your side. 

Nickel-plated cartridges also resist corrosion better than brass, which is a legitimate concern for hunting ammo. As this ammunition is going to spend an elongated period of time out in the elements (several seasons if your hunts are like mine), these are going to have to hold up to temperature swings and their associated condensation. 

My third and favorite reason for choosing nickel-plated cases is their enhanced low-light visibility. When I load and unload my hunting rifle, it is typically during pitch-black conditions. As I like to avoid using a flashlight, all I need is a glimpse of the moon to ensure a round just dropped into the chamber. That quality becomes even more important if I just got awaken at 2 am and need to perform a quick and silent condition check of my home defense weapon. 

In closing, nickel-plating is for much more than just looks. If you plan on storing these rounds long term, reusing them after they have seen some weather, or just want excellent brass to reload, give these products a closer look. Sometimes the value of products like these doesn’t appear until it’s too late. Hope this entry helps you to avoid that.

About the author:

Frank Melloni – Founder & Lead Instructor

After competing nationally on History Channel’s Top Shot against the country’s best marksmen, Frank decided to obtain certification from the venerable National Rifle Association, and pursue a business in teaching the skills that comprise his lifestyle. Using his time with the History Channel wisely, he seized the opportunity to trade shooting tips and tactics with some of the most talented shooters in the world and infuses what he has learned in all his courses.

Being versed in several firearms, as well as a variety of skills such as maintenance and fabrication of firearms such as the AR-15, ammunition crafting, and ballistics, and being referred to as a “renaissance man” in his personal life, the term only seemed fitting for the organization. As he views shooting as an all inclusive lifestyle, he finds it only right to offer several courses covering the gamut of skills responsible for making this activity so fulfilling.

Frank Melloni has a life driving passion for shooting. Growing up in Suffolk County he spent his childhood shooting air rifles, later progressing to rimfire rifles and after obtaining property in North Eastern Pennsylvania, centerfire rifles and pistols.