“Our superior performance ammunition is built with great care to deliver top notch products. We also focus on delivering exceptional customer service. So when we get these types of letters and emails from our customers it means the world to us and drives us even more to deliver in every aspect!”

– Kevin Underwood, President & CEO

Dont Just Take Our Word For It!

Im A New Customer & AppreciateThe Service!

“First of all, as a new purchaser, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your excellent product and excellent customer service. I have bought bullets before online, and it’s always a harrowing experience. You guys were expedient and made the purchase extra smooth (no hiccups like everyone else). Secondly, you guys have a super excellent 10mm round (the best in my opinion). They are very, very powerful and accurate. The first two words I uttered when I shot the first round were “Holy Crap!” These bullets are as powerful as my Winchester white box .44 magnum rounds. Freakin’ unreal!!! I will constantly extol the virtues of your company to anyone interested in quality ammo. Thanks again for a great product!!!!!!!!!”

- Wallace Ko / Houston, TX

I Love Me Some Underwood Ammo Let Me Tell Ya!

“Just wanted to tell you how big of fan I have become of your ammunition. This picture above is of two Glocks, same number of rounds fired through each. One with strictly your ammo the other with “brand name” ammo. I will let you pick which one fired your ammo, but the one one the right had Remington UMC go through it. Not only is your ammo much cleaner but more accurate as well. Thanks for a great product at reasonable price! Go Illini!”

- Matt Foreman

Heard The Hype And It Was Good….

“Bought some ammo about a month ago and I wasn’t sure if I believed all the hype about how good and powerful this brand is… I received my ammo with lightning fast shipping (I ordered on Wednesday, received it on Thursday) and took it out shooting with the guys over the weekend. They all had their choice ammo (which happened to be Buffalo Bore) and I went out on a limb and brought Underwood. It is very accurate and has a lot more power than any ammo I have ever tested. Buffalo Bore was definitely put to shame that weekend. It is hands down the best ammo I ever shot, and it is actually cheaper than any of that other ammo.”

- James Ervin / Kentucky

Watching Proof In The Videos!

“I carry 9mm +P+ 115 grain in my Glock 26. Powerful, accurate, reliable, and at a decent price. What more could you want? Tnoutdoors9’s Youtube channel opened my eyes to Underwood Ammunition’s products and I’ve been a believer ever since. Keep up the good work!”

- Paul Gutierrez / Ypsilanti, Michigan

Received The Ammo Super Quick!

“I ordered ammo on Wednesday night at 10:30pm, it arrived 2 days later at 10:00am… Will be buying alot more ammo from you but in different calibers. Thanks.”

- Charles Adams / Covington, GA

Quality Ammo & Accurate!

“357 SIG 125gr JGP is the best ammo I have used for my glock 31 gen4. Clean accurate and no ftf or fte. This is quality ammo for sure. Will buy again.”

- Daniel Brooks / Warner Robins, Georgia

Best Self Defense Ammo Available!

“This is some of the best 10mm self-defense ammo available. Through testing several brands of 10mm ammo, this was the clear winner. This is the round that the officers of the Glasgow Police Department load in their duty Glock 20SFs.”

- R.W. / Glasgow, Montana

Life Saving Ammo When You Need It!

“I use 357 Magnum 125 Grain XTP’s in a bangstick to harvest fish. At the end of my dive with a bloody mess of fish with me, I was attacked by an 11′ Great White. One shot to his face rolled him DEAD! (I hope I never have to do that again) **THIS WAS IN SELF-DEFENSE. I WAS 150′ DEEP OFFSHORE TOTALLY BY MYSELF IN JANUARY. HE WAS IN FULL ATTACK MODE. IT WAS NOT A CASUAL ENCOUNTER. HE CAME IN FULL-BORE. LUCKILY I SAW HIM.”

- Derek Brown / Savannah, GA

What Else Can You But It Rocks!

“…I love this ammo. What can I say, this stuff rocks!! Keep it up guys. I love your product. As long as I am shooting, this will be my ammo.”

- Derek Brown / Savannah, GA

The Power & Quality That Rocks…

“After hearing many people talk about the power and quality of underwood ammo, I decided to try some for myself. This is how ammo should perform. Very powerful, accurate and extremely clean!! I am a customer for life! It’s going to be my new carry ammo!”

- Patrick Fultz / Bossier City, LA

Better Accuracy & Quality Than Others…

“After testing buffalo bore, double tap and grizzly I found the underwood ammo to be more accurate out of my gp100. 3′ groups at 50 yards. I love the punch they have as well. Can’t wait to try them on whitetail this hunting season.”

- Michael Procak / Huguenot, NY

300 Win Mag Has A New Best Friend!

“My 300Win Mag rifle has a new best friend – Underwood Ammo! I noticed these loads using the excellent AccuBond bullets. Then I noticed the claimed velocity. So I ordered enough to test before elk season. My chronograph confirmed the velocity! This ammo in my rifle is EASILY shooting sub-MOA groups! (I placed a second ammo order this morning) thanks for all the diligent load development work!”

- Alan Davis / Groves, TX

You Really Need To Give These Guys A Try, Period.

“First of all, Underwood had my ammo delivered within three days of me ordering. Second, had no failures while shooting through my Glock 21 what so ever. Lastly, it was a blast to shoot such powerful rounds down range. I highly recommend to anyone having a hand gun to give Underwood a try!”

- M Guel / Pinckney, MI

Unreal Quality For The Price.

“Can’t believe this company can produce ammo of this quality for the price.”

- Dwain Goretzke / Elizabethtown, PA

Outstanding Performance!

“I fired a NRA High-power match with 30-06 S-field 168gr a-max using a CMP M1 Garand. Firing was done at 200, 300, and 600 yards. Outstanding performance across the course. This ammo shined at the 600 yard line! Keep up the good work Underwood!”

- Ray / Arlington, VA

A Difference You Can Feel!

“I was shooting Buffalo Bore then found Underwood. You can feel the difference. My choice from now on. When you see this ammo in stock you better jump on it because it goes quickly. Very Accurate.”

- Brian / Texas

Never Dissapointed From Word Go.

“I have to say I have used Underwood for most my pistols from my 380, 357, and 10mm for the past year and have never been disappointed in any of it. What’s even more amazing is that Underwood sells it at a reasonable price for those that don’t have the time or resources to reload. This commitment to quality and fair price only promote our shooting sport. I have known a few friends that have given up shooting due to fellow so called Ammunition’s producers price gouging there fellow shooters. In the long run this practice only diminishes our sport. Thanks for being a true friend of the sportsman!”

- Danial McCarron / Farmington, MO

Fast Shipping & Great Ammo.

“Took 2 days to get my order. Great Quality Ammo at an affordable price. Perfect expansion every round shot in Ballistic Gel. Thanks Underwood.”

- Alica Benefield / Villa Rice, GA

Don’t Even Waste Your Time Comparing….

“There is no reason to even waste your time comparing this ammunition with others. I will never shoot anything else but Underwood Ammo, and by far my favorite is the 135 Grain JHP’s!”

- Alica Benefield / Villa Rice, GA

Extremely Powerful Ammo & Affordable!

“This is now my favorite ammo. There are other really good ammo companies like Buffalo Bore and Double Tap but what sets Underwood apart is the price! You can’t beat it. Not for what you get. Extremely powerful ammo. You buy the 9mm and it’s like shooting 357sig. You buy the .45 and it’s like shooting 10mm! Like I said BEST ammo on the market………”

- Armon Kazemi / Baltimore, MA

Been Shooting For Years, No Comparison!

“I specifically bought a Glock 31 for one purpose, which was to have .357 magnum ballistics coupled with a higher capacity. After years of shooting and compiled frustration with watered down mainstream brands and shiny labels, I decided to give Underwood a shot. At the time, Underwood did not have any of the 125 grain loads so I opted for the 147 grain load. Upon arrival, the ammunition was clean and packaged in a uniform manner. With an open mind and 100 rounds I started off by testing the accuracy and recoil one shot at a time using a bench rest. This ammo goes wherever the muzzle is pointed. I had a 4” group at 25 yards and this stuff hits like Thor’s Hammer (comparable to a 10mm). As far as terminal ballistics go, it’s a bonded 147 grain bullet pushing 1300 FPS. I did not experience a single malfunction of any kind even when I started 15 round rapid fire sequences. I would confidently match this ammunition against any of the self-proclaimed “premium” lines that Winchester, Hornady, Remington, Federal, Corbon, or any other brand offers and expect Underwood to have superior penetration, expansion, and retention. After 100 rounds of consistent cycles I would not hesitate to use this ammunition in my day to day carry, home defense, or even to take hunting. When I went to clean my pistol there was a less than expected amount of carbon and fouling. As far as value goes, most retailers are not afraid to sell .357 Sig at an irritating price. I’ve spent too long buying .357 hollow points with buyer’s remorse. I don’t have that sorrow when I bought Underwood. They are putting out a top quality product without gouging their customers. In turn, I predict they have a very loyal customer base to include myself. I would recommend and advocate this ammo to anyone wants to know what the “best stuff out there is”.”

- Steve McCain / Little Rock, AR

Refreshing To Have Quality Affordable Ammo Option.

“In a time where defensive ammo is sold by the ounce it’s nice to have guys like Underwood churning out quality defensive hollow points at a reasonable price. With these rounds you get a hand-loader’s quality, performance, and price all in a factory round.”

- Sam Sudbrink / Fort Smith, AR

The Obvious Choice Is Underwood Ammo

“I shot some standard big manufacturer target rounds followed by some Underwood Ammo rounds, today. Wow! It was obvious that the Underwood was much more powerful. Accurate as well. I will buy more. Thanks guys.”

- Brad Carpenter / Cherryville, NC