– Charles Adams

“I ordered ammo on Wednesday night at 10:30p.m, it arrived 2 days later at 10:00a.m… Will be buying a lot more ammo from you but in different calibers. Thanks.”

James Ervin

Bought some ammo about a month ago and I wasn’t sure if I believed all the hype about how good and powerful this brand is… I received my ammo with lightning fast shipping (I ordered on Wednesday, received it on Thursday) and took it out shooting with the guys over the weekend. They all had […]

Matt Froman

Just wanted to tell you how big of fan I have become of your ammunition. This picture above is of two Glocks, same number of rounds fired through each. One with strictly your ammo the other with “brand name” ammo. I will let you pick which one fired your ammo, but the one one the […]